Page Template Options

With our included drag n drop visual page builder your styling options are endless. However, to start you off we have created a number of templates for you to use and modify to your taste.

When creating a new page simply pick the template that closest matches the look you are seeking and edit it as required. We suggest you then save a new template from your completed page if you wish to use the same style across multiple pages.

Full Height Background Media Example Pages

For optimum site speed we recommend full height media pages are used sparingly - most likely your home page for the initial wow factor. Also try to limit number of slides ( 4 - 6 is ideal) and sprinkle images throughout your site.


Header Media Example Pages

Default Menu Scroll > Scrolls normally with other page content.

Sticky Menu > When the menu is scrolled to the top of the screen it remains there until you scroll back up to the very top of the page content and it will then revert to it's original position.

Fixed Menu > Constantly remains at top of the screen.

Scroll Reveal Menu > Appears after scrolling down a set distance and will then remain fixed at the top of the screen.

Module Examples

There are numerous modules included with the visual builder to aid you in easily adding interesting and visually appealing layouts of content into your site pages. We have provided links to examples of those that are more commonly used below.

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